Typical pre-marriage counseling questions

September 25, 2013:

Typical pre-marriage counseling questions are difficult to define as each couple entering the counseling process has a different history and faces different challenges to long term happiness. Thus, the role of the counselor is to assess the need and create a specific plan tailored to the couple, not the couple conforming to a previously derived system of couples counseling. If this was the case, a counselor would not be needed, only a handbook outlining what a couple should do. Life is too complicated for such a broad approach.

The introduction of couples question as a therapeutic approach has been around since couples counseling began. The process has become a bit more sophisticated than simply answering questions. As such production of typical pre-marriage counseling questions cannot be produced with any sort of authority. Because each couple and counselor is unique, each will be provided a unique set of pre-marriage questions to assess and implement interventions. Most importantly, the Chicago therapist must have experience to best describe and clarify the questions along with impactful follow up questions and insights into the person’s psyche.

This back and forth process is what produces results, not simply answering the typical pre-marriage counseling questions.

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