Family Counseling

We can meet with one or all members of a nuclear or extended family. This therapeutic approach puts the family in the center and addresses how each member can help to relate and support one another.

We begin the process of family therapy by first meeting in our Chicago based offices and creating goals and outcomes. Families can work towards helping or supporting an individual member, or we can set common goals for the entire family. The choice will depend on the specific issue or concern and will always be assessed in terms of most effective and efficient treatment.

Appropriate implementation of a brief, solution focused family therapy can yield positive results in a short time. As each session is tailored to the goal or objectives we set forth at the start of the process, sessions will feel directed and productive. This is done by constantly maintain a view of the goals and redirecting the conversation to specific therapeutic discussions.

Family therapy is a powerful tool which can be used singularly or as an adjunct to any of the services offered to help support your specific solution.