Pre-marriage counseling questions for couples

August 1, 2013:

Pre-marriage counseling questions for couples will vary on the needs of the couple. For instance, if the couple comes in with a clear challenge they need assistance with, the counselor will direct treatment to solve the problem and then create new systems of care to support the couple to endure the problem does not arise again. If the couple is only looking to see if they are a good fit for a long term goal of marriage, then the trajectory of counseling is completely different.

Understanding the needs of the premarital couple is very important and will color the entire counseling process. As with any other service a Chicago therapist would provide, a deep and thorough analysis of the problems or issues is the first step in a positive outcome. Next is the creation of highly tailored and specific goals for the couple to either increase or maintain appropriate functioning. After these steps, interventions would be created to assist in filling any deficits the couple may have. It is here that pre-marriage counseling questions for couples would be introduced. The utilization of premarital counseling questions is a very common intervention that many counselors in Chicago would implement.

This specific intervention of using premarital counseling questions is common and has multiple purposes. The specific questions are not presented here as they would be tailored to the couple. Attaining a list of common question to answer without the accompaniment of a trained counselor would be wasteful as the counselor can guide and train the questions for best outcomes.

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