Marriage counseling retreat Illinois

October 22, 2013:

Couples will often look for a marriage counseling retreat Illinois. A counseling retreat is a great idea when things in the relationship are going well. When there is an overt issue at hand a retreat may not be the best option. Retreats are programed engagements which are not uniquely suited to the couple and may not provide the desired results. If they do manage to assist in solving a couple’s issue, it often is not a long lasting approach. When the couple comes home, old patterns emerge and old problems come back to light. A couple with a challenge must first seek couple counseling and then a retreat for maintenance or simple learning more about each other is a nice add on activity.

A more long term approach would not be to engage in a marriage counseling retreat, but rather find a local Chicago counselor to assist in solving the pressing issues. These issues are what keep the couple in a negative pattern and without resolution will stay the same or decrease the couple’s functioning.

As the marriage counseling retreats Illinois are pre-programed and generally focused on increasing the communication and connection of the couple, not fixing the communication or connection issues. Meaning, it has to work first to get better. Taking the time to engage in counseling services that increase a couple’s functioning to an average level and then utilizing the marriage counseling retreat is a more efficient path.

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