Marital therapy Chicago

July 11, 2013:

Engaging in marital therapy Chicago has been a new and positive trend in couple’s relationships. Seeking out marital or couples therapy shows a dedication and caring towards the relationship and one another. Often times couple will wait too long to engage in services. We can liken this to someone waiting too long to see a doctor, the troubles will only compound in that time. Marital therapy in Chicago has many dedicated counselors and specialist and it is easy to engage in services and increase the happiness in your relationship.

Understanding the basics of marital or couples therapy is important in beginning the process of finding the right counselor for you. The central tenant of understanding is that the dyad, couple or partnership, is the central client in the room. Each person brings their own personal history and relationship engagements into the couple to form a very unique relationship. When there are issues within the relationship, seeking a Chicago martial therapist or Chicago couples counselor is key to assist in making needed changes.

When we understand that the couple is the client, the counselor can directly change the dynamics of interaction and thus alter the nature of the relationship. Often times we feel that couple issues are so difficult that change may be impossible. But this is simply not the case. We can make very small changes within the communication or behavior of the couple which result in very large changes in the quality of the relationship. The changes are reverberated through the couple and can drastically alter the nature of the relationship.

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