Executive coaching screening instruments

July 10, 2013:

Effectively and appropriately completing a round of therapy or coaching includes the necessity of executive coaching screening instruments. These can be as simple as an entrance and exit interview or as complicated as a thorough written entrance and outcome measure. In any case the idea is the same, how did the person change, in what ways, and what was the most effective intervention.

Often times these executive coaching screening instruments are self-reported by the client. Meaning we take the verbal reports by the client to measure the outcomes of therapy. These self-reports are generally focused on behavioral changes such as time spend on project management and delegation or efficiency of meeting minutes during team meetings. These screening instruments can be written or verbal and will need to have a direct and measurable response to be the most effective.

Entrance and exit interviews are also a large part of the screening process. Setting behavioral goals as outcome measures is the simplest way to measure the effective change of the executive coaching process. Specific executive coaching screening instruments vary. The most effective ones are tailored to the client and will be clearly defined with direct interventions to implement the change the executive is seeking.

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