Executive coaching proposal

June 18, 2013:

Completing an executive coaching proposal is absolutely necessary in beginning and executing and effective round of executive coaching. This is a kin to a treatment plan in more traditional settings of counseling. Providing your client, in this case an executive looking to increase functioning in one or more work related areas, a direct and clear plan as to how and what you can provide them is an indispensable tool.

Executive coaching proposals is a very specific contract which pulls together the goals of the executive coaching process along with a direct and clear contract of dedicated services from both parties. Meaning, both the Chicago counselor or executive coach and the client or executive are dedicating themselves to working together towards these goals. It is more than a plan, but rather a symbol of the work each person is going to engage in.

Furthermore, the proposal must be written and signed by both parties to ensure that each goal and activity set on the list is adhered to. The use of proposals in the counseling process is not a new concept. With the changeover to an outcomes based model, more and more Chicago counselors are using these types of contracts or proposals to form the counseling process.

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