Disrobing in psychotherapy

June 10, 2013:

Discussions surrounding disrobing in psychotherapy have been ongoing for some time. This discussion boils down to an ethical limitation which all licensed counselors must abide by.
As there is no acute reason a person would be disrobing in psychotherapy, meaning there is no added therapeutic value to it, it is an ethical breach. Remember psychotherapy aims for effective resolutions of life’s challenges within the most nonrestrictive and respectful environment possible.

Having said this; there are some specialized therapies that do require touch or physical contact between client and counselor. Most important to note, you will never be asked to fully disrobe or disrobe to a state of uncomfortability.

These specialized therapies at known as somatic based therapeutic interventions. Prior to engaging in any of these disrobing practices, a counselor will directly walk you through the reasoning and the actual intervention. Take the time to fully understand the possible gains and limitations of the intervention along with the specific practice of it. Your Chicago counselor, if they practice this type of intervention, will be glad to fully explain every step.

Most importantly, disrobing in psychotherapy is a rare practice. If you do not feel comfortable in any aspect of the practice be honest and share your reservations with your counselor. They will be more than glad to explain.

At Chicago Therapy Solutions, we do not practice disrobing of any kind, and while there merits of somatic interventions are well regarded by some, we do not specialize in this method of intervention.

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