Army marriage counseling

September 27, 2013:

Marriage counseling is a unique system tailored to the couple. Certain systemic cultures face various challenges due to the system itself. Army marriage counseling provides a set of unique challenges due to the time spent apart in often times drastically different environments. Just these two issues can create an emotional distance which can strangle a relationship. Overcoming these challenges takes a skilled counselor with the specific tools to work effectively and in short time frame as often the couple does not have much time between deployments.

As a relationship is a dynamic and ever-changing integration of the two people involved, army marriage counseling presents an incredible opportunity to work with a couple at the highest level. Meaning, as there is so much time between deployments and often times one of the partners is in an extreme environment, the relationship will absolutely be more susceptible to changes over time. So when the relationship begins, the people may have been experiencing similar backgrounds and experiences. When the couple now comes together to form the relationship, they come from a similar place. When one person is placed in an extreme environment, they inevitably change, and thus change the relationship. Army marriage counseling is a moving target. From deployment to deployment, one of the people involved are drastically changing and the relationship is also. Finding the right Chicago based counselor to meet the needs of an army marriage is central to a positive outcome.

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